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Road to Call of the Dead

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1 Road to Call of the Dead on 25/4/2012, 03:08


Level 2
This is just updating how far me and SlyBlazeHD have gotten on trying to get the achievment for the zombie map Call of the Dead for Black ops.

Day 1:
Try 1:We got the power on pretty fast but then ran short of grenades for destroying the generators, then for some reason the game quit on us.
Try 2: Took us a bit longer to get the power on but we got extra grenades and quickly destroyed all the generators. After that we started hunting down for some vodka, and after failing two times of trying to catch it we got it and gave it to russians. Then we needed more money to start opening more doors in the lighthouse, it was this time we both went down :(

My friend codes:
MW3: 0166-7632-6994
Mario Kart Wii: 4039-4192-6544
Monster Hunter Tri: PPJHCF
If you add me send me a message with your FC

2 Re: Road to Call of the Dead on 25/4/2012, 05:56


Level 2
I felt like raging but really,we need to get jug so we can survive them hits
Also the moment i we got quitted from the game i was getting hit while pulling up the XMB menu and writing you a message and then it said "Not Enough Players" (or something like that).I guess i made us lag out or was it the game...And another thing didnt we need more money to get the Vrill to kill the human person to sacrifice plus tell me if you know the correct order of which to turn on the radios to make the lighthouse turn green

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3 Re: Road to Call of the Dead on 25/4/2012, 06:07


Level 2
danschemen wrote:gave it to russians. :(
Woah ,last time i checked it was a German named Steiner Richtofen,A Russian named Nikolai Belinksi,A American name Tank Demspey and a Japanese person named Takeo Masaki

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