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Time to take a stand.

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26 Re: Time to take a stand. on 9/5/2012, 19:32


Level 5
Ninja is currently on drugs, don't listen to him. :P

I found your thread on NL... that is extremely funny. Don't take much notice of her, she's an ass fingerer and a dick licker. I would love to getn in on this, but MW3 is dead to me and I'm not holding out much hope for this game to get fixed...

I hate how lazy I am, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

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27 Re: Time to take a stand. on 9/5/2012, 20:33


Level 3
Amen to that. I can't play that game anymore. The spammers and noobs and hackers are just too much (to put it extremely nicely)

If we put something on this site, then hackers will hack this site...

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-Constantine XI
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-One of my co-workers

28 Re: Time to take a stand. on 9/5/2012, 21:05


Level 3
ya well they are gonna have to hack alot of ppl....alot of ppl are sharing this video..and trying to spread the word

I might be a Cyborg, but you must forgive me because I am still Human.

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