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Friend codes

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1 Friend codes on 17/5/2012, 01:01


Level 1
Hey everyone remember Terror303. thats me now I'm *Wolf in this website but in games I'm gonna be Daywolf. But anyway my wii got damaged so I bought a new one and I want all of your fcs I have Goldeneye, Black ops, Supar smash bros brawl, and mario kart wii, So tell me when you can.

See ya! ;)

2 Re: Friend codes on 17/5/2012, 10:22


Level 3
Yo Wolf
Welcome back, long time no see ;)
There should be a Fc page arround somewhere in these forums :P
Check it out, let me know something if you want me to re add you

I lick my gun when i'm done, cause i know that revenge is sweet(So sweet)
This is a gang, gamers thang, tell me what you need?

You know i'm down, i'm down for life.
Load and reload it, let's go, gamer for life.
Till the day that i die.


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