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Monster Hunter Tri

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1 Monster Hunter Tri on 25/5/2012, 04:12


Level 2
I'm pretty sure other people here also play this game and I was wondering what's a good weapon type to start the game with cause I'm still very new to the game(since I nearly never touched it when I first bought it cause I got distrated ) and is it better to play the single play side of the game first or just play with other players online?

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2 Re: Monster Hunter Tri on 26/5/2012, 12:42


Level 5
I'd say stay with the single player first so you can get used to the controls and build up some better weaponry and armour, experiment with combining items so you can get better health potions and what not. When you feel comfortable with your stuff then you should head online so you can get even better rewards.

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3 Re: Monster Hunter Tri on 19/8/2012, 22:21


Level 5
Does anybody feel like hunting with WiiWareWave a.k.a. Rukiafan tonight? He just posted an invitation on WiiWareWave. lol

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