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Black Ops: Zombies and Multiplayer

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Level 3
Well Jamm-Bamm was awesome enough to by him and me a copy of Black ops for the Wii, I had trouble with connect to the servers at first because of hurricane sandy, but its all good now. I know a lot of members don't want to buy or play any more Wii stuff but its not GE and its not MW3 so its a little better.

Here is the Friend-code

Soundwav: 1381-1307-7715

I might be a Cyborg, but you must forgive me because I am still Human.


Level 5
Do people still play this game? :O

I would love to buy this game, but after the catastrophe of MW3, I don't think I'll be touching another CoD game for a while, especially after all the deaths from shrubs apparently... lol Nerrel always gets hit by some weird shit.

Maybe if I get a Wii U I'll try to get into the CoD games again, but CoD on Wii is terrible, except for the controls, they're utter bliss.

I hate how lazy I am, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

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Level 3
ya people till play it, its alright, same amount of hackers in GE, but Zombie mode is what makes it alright...even though it has only one map... well all I see is its not GE and its not MW3

I might be a Cyborg, but you must forgive me because I am still Human.

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