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3DS Essentials

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1 3DS Essentials on 9/11/2012, 23:04


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The 3DS has been released for well over a year and it's second year is looming fast and within that time frame there have been some memorable... and not so memorable games released on the 3DS. So let's get cracking and find the best game for each genre:

Action & Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

A timeless classic brought back to the masses in glorious 3D. Very little has changed from the original N64 version keeping the same classic vibe and same thrilling experience, but only with enhanced graphics, 3D capabilities and to some people, better controls. It's easily a must have for any 3DS collection.


Mario Kart 7

Unfortunately the 3DS' library for racing games is pretty slim, but Mario Kart 7 delivers what it knows best: pure turtle throwing, banana spinning mayhem that just pops fun right into your face. Along with the kart customization, that some may feel is a little lacking, it changes up the old formulae of the Mario Kart series and gives it a breath of fresh air, that and it is extremely fun throwing a banana under someone's wheels on the last lap.


Thearhythm Final Fantasy

Again, the 3DS is lacking in the music genre, but like always it brings an absolute masterpiece in the way of Square Enix's 25th Birthday present for all Final Fantasy fans, Thearhythm. It collects every song from the Final Fantasy series, from 1 through to 13, for you to play along with some downloadable songs if you need more FF music in your life. If you need a rhythm game in your collection, don't even think of overlooking this.


Super Mario 3D Land

The 3DS is building a good collection of platformers, but nothing quite beats Super Mario 3D Land. What it lacks in originality it makes up for with a heap of Mario fun along with the most useful 3D to date in any game proving that it's not just a gimmick. You'll be running through every level with your Tanooki tail spinning enemies and kicking them around in eye popping 3D and yet you'll never get bored.


Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

The game everyone waited for and it was well worth the wait, this is, arguably, the best Layton game to date. Along with new free puzzles every single day for an entire year and an enriching story full of amazing puzzles it truly is a puzzle wizards wet dream. You have an enriching story, tricky puzzles, free downloadable content for a year and Layton's stylish hat... what more could you possibly want?!


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

No, it hasn't been released in the EU or NA yet but it has been released in Japan so it's still worth noting. Animal Crossing can be played by anyone and everyone of any age and the best thing is... it's incredibly addictive and the fun never ends, unless, of course, you don't check it everyday...


Resident Evil: Revelations

It was a tough decision between this and Resident Evil Mercs, seriously, those chainsaw guys can make you shit yourself and run for your life. But Revelations wins solely because it has a full-fledged story and an upgraded Raid Mode, what's not to love? The game is incredibly addictive and the Campaign and Raid Mode can last you hours upon hours with a lot to unlock and a lot to explore! Along with the greatest graphics seen on the 3DS thus far.

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