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Got My Copy of Nintendo Power's Final Issue!

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I just went to my local grocery store, and they only had two copies left on the magazine shelves. So I examined both copies for any damage that may have ocurred during shipping, but both were pretty much in prestine condition. So I chose the copy that had the least amount of scuffing on the corners of the spine. I'm glad I own a copy of the newsstand edition, because it comes safely sealed in a cellophane wrapping. Even if I was a subscriber, I would still want to purchase a copy of the newsstand edition because of that. Although, I only purchased a copy to keep as a collectible. But yeah, I got my mint condition copy of Nintendo Power's Final Issue. Have you purchased a copy of the final issue yet?


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Believe it or not, but there are already new copies selling on North American Amazon for as far upward as $150! One customer review states that you can still order a copy directly from the Nintendo Power website at the newsstand price + $1.50 for shipping, but that's completely untrue. If you try to access the website, it'll inform you that both the subscriber & newsstand edition issue are sold out. I think I made a fairly intelligent investment of only $5.99 + tax.

And if, for some reason, you don't happen to believe me, check it out for yourself then.
Nintendo Power Final Issue

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