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☆Bargain Bin☆

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1 ☆Bargain Bin☆ on 15/12/2012, 03:07


Level 5
The Square Enix Online Store is currently offering copies of Kingdom Hearts: Drom Drop Distance & Heroes of Ruin for only $19.99. With free shipping available to any of the lower 48 states, for a limited time.

I'm not interested in the Kindom Hearts game, but I'm thinking about ordering a copy of Heroes of Ruin. I have no idea if tax is applicable or not, though. But I doubt it is.

2 Re: ☆Bargain Bin☆ on 16/12/2012, 17:40


Level 5
Better to keep away from HoR, that game is a disgrace to the RPG genre... biggest overhyped disappointment of 2012. But it had so much potential... what a waste...

Kingdom Hearts doesn't sound too appealing either, especially after I heard about Rory's experience(s), and to be honest you NEED to play the previous titles before you actually know what the heck's going on... and since it's been released on different platforms it's hard to keep up with the whole storyline.

I hate how lazy I am, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

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