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Flipnote Studio flips West side

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1 Flipnote Studio flips West side on 13/3/2013, 22:54


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The 3DS sequel to the DSi's Flipnote Hatena is on its way to America and Europe this summer!

The application will be a free download, you can draw on three levels of 3D in six different colours and the ability to export them to the SD Card as AVI or GIF files for sharing.

You'll be able to share your work with friends through Flipnote Gallery Friends (for those on your 3DS Friends List) for free. Where as Flipnote Gallery World will be a monthly fee. The World service will come with a 30 day free trial along with special times where it will be free for all to access. Users will also have the ability to use the World service for free depending on how their work is received through the online community.

Unfortunately, the DSi counterpart will be closed on the 31st of May but will be moved on to the new platform.

There will be more information at a later date, but what do you think so far? The entire Nintendo Direct Broadcast can be viewed below.