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The downside of Nintendo games

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1 The downside of Nintendo games on 17/3/2013, 17:48


What I dislike about the Nintendo games is that I'm not able to share every game WiFi or FC style. I can't play Go Vacation online with my friends for instance, which is quite a bummer if you don't mind me asking. Go Vacation is one of my favorite games! Especially the Snow Resort region... AWESOME!!!


Level 5
I pre-ordered a copy of Go Vacation!, because I was mislead to believe it featured online multiplayer and other Nintendo WiFi features. I was very disappointed, to say the least. But then Fishing Resort came along, and I forgot all about Go Vacation!. It doesn't feature online multiplayer, but there is online leaderboards and bi-weekly fishing tournaments. Fishing Resort may not boast anywhere near the same amount of variety as Go Vacation!, but I think that's actually it's saving grace. Go Vacation is a game that doesn't really know what it wants to be. As a result, I felt that the majority of the mini-games felt half-baked and cheaply designed. Some of the controls were so damn broken, I only attempted a few of the mini-games once. Fishing Resort just sees you fishing to your heart's content, and tasks you with certain objectives along the way. Very good game.


Go Vaction is one of the best games I've ever seen on Nintendo. An allround game, multiplayer and all ages. You'll have hours upon hours of fun, that's for sure! You won't regret it once you spend a little time with it and get to know the controls and whereabouts. ;)

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