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The Best Wild Riders In The World

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1 The Best Wild Riders In The World on 18/3/2013, 06:56


Level 5
I changed my profile name in ATV Wild Ride to Nintenbro. I'm currently ranked in 3rd place worldwide, with 9 online races and a rating of 9.905. :)


Level 5
3rd place out of 10th isnt that bad.

And I'm still not gonna purchase this since I'll be buying Monster Hunter tomorrow. That's the only game I'll need for awhile.

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Level 5
Yeah, but now I'm in fourth place, the last time I checked my rank. WaluigiBag is in third place now, but he has participated in almost two-hundred online races. Myself on the otherhand, have only been in nine online races. LTG downloaded the game, but we haven't raced against each other yet. If he plays anything as good as he did in Moto Heroz, I might have a stiff challenge on my hands (No comment needed Soundwav) That is, of course, if I'm even able to find any races online.

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