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Cult County (Discussion)

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1 Cult County (Discussion) on 23/3/2013, 18:45


Level 5
Let's discuss Renegade Kid's upcoming FPS, "Cult County," being developed for the 3DS eShop.

The link below will direct you to some 3D screenshots that you can view in 3D on your 3DS. Take into consideration that these are only screenshots of the game in it's early development stage's.
Cult County

2 Re: Cult County (Discussion) on 30/3/2013, 23:42


Level 5
Here's a video of the atmosphere demo in action! Including commentary from the head of development, Jools Watsham.
Cult County Atmosphere Demo

3 Re: Cult County (Discussion) on 31/3/2013, 00:29


Level 5
I'm pretty excited about this. The demo didn't show a whole lot, but I had Dementium for the DS and that game was really good. The controls worked perfectly, even though it doesn't have a second analog stick. The graphics were also really good and the sound was spectacular and it would really creep me out. The only downside for that first game was the difficulty. Very tough, and once you died you had to start at the beginning again.

Plus I'm also glad that this is gonna be in episodes on the eShop rather than a rull retail game.

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4 Re: Cult County (Discussion) on 31/3/2013, 02:41


Level 5
At least in this game it looks like you'll actually be able to survive without a gun. In Dementium the bullets were so freak'n scarce it was brutal. No matter how many times I tried, I just couldn't get past the last stretch of the rooftop.

5 Re: Cult County (Discussion) on 1/4/2013, 23:03


Level 5
This game just looks awful... really not the kind of game I'll be interested in I don't think. Maybe it'll grow on me once I start seeing more of it, but for now, I'm just not sold.

And I'm generally not interested in any of Renegade Kid's work really... it's all kind of meh and not my thing.

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