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Favorite Movie Quotes

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51 Re: Favorite Movie Quotes on 11/3/2012, 17:16


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I just like the way he said it to the chinese at the trade off. The Departed is a great movie!

Hilarious movie. This line is just so to the point.

Again, Hilarious movie, hilarious quote/scene.

Ok. ok. last other guys clip, but this line is truely hilarious.

Ok this one might be a little to far, but I remember I just loved this line from the moment I saw it in theaters.

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52 Re: Favorite Movie Quotes on 19/3/2012, 20:59


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The whole clip is hilarious, but I cracked up pretty hard when he spit in his coat.

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53 Re: Favorite Movie Quotes on 21/6/2012, 18:06

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